Creating a workspace

Creating new workspaces

To create a new workspace, you must be a administrator or a power user to follow these steps:

Click the plus icon in the left bar.

  1. Give the workspace a name (each new word is by default part of the icon in the left bar).

  2. Assign the workspace to one or several of your profiles if you want others to be able to use the same workspace. If you don´t have any profiles jet created you can read about this in the next chapter.

  3. Under "Share workspace with others" you can enable the workspace for others.

  4. Click "Create workspace".

Assign layout to workspace The next step is to assign a layout to your workspace.

Click on the menu in the top right corner and go to Workspace settings.

Layout defines what layout you have available in the workspace. The different areas can represent a combination of different applications.

Icon defines that you here can change the shown characters, choose color or upload an icon (jpg format).

Click Save when you are done with your workspace layout.

Assign application to workspace

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