New unit

a new group of users in a department or product or a new Dashboard

Getting started with a new unit

When you set up a new unit, Dashboard will appear as empty. This is by design and the new unit needs to have installation and configuration of plugins from scratch as well as a new set up of necessary workspaces and profiles, and setup the config key store. To be able to do this, your user needs to belong to the unit you are about to configure and be an admin for that unit.

The unit setup consist of the following steps:

  1. Configuration of Key store.

  2. Installation of mandatory plugins:

    1. Notification Agent (handles notifications in the Dashboard)

    2. Content Agent (handles content pushes in the plugins such as Article Search)

    3. Image Content Provider (shows and handles image thumbnails etc)

    4. Writer (the Authoring tool)

    5. Status map (shows status colors and icons for various cards)

    6. Utility agent (suggest search and other features in later versions of Dashboard)

  3. Adding other plugins.

  4. Setting up profiles.

  5. Creating workspaces.

  6. Adding roles to profiles.

Starting from a Dashboard backup of current setup

From Dashboard (with Naviga ID) version 3.0 it is possible to work with backups of the settings of Dashboard to make configuration of new units and totally new organisations faster. There are two kinds:

Initial setup

The initial setup is a standard setup that is used for new installation or clean setups.This is always performed by a Naviga. The procedure is otherwise the same as for the customer backup.

Customer specific Dashboard backup

With administrator role, you can use the feature called Backup accessible from the Dashboard menu (see instructions in next section)

Both export and import is possible. Exporting is as easy as stating a password and press export. All plugins, mappings, user rights, settings, icons and workspaces will be exported.

The Backup of the settings should be imported by an administrator of the unit to which the backup belongs, because the workspaces will belong to this user.

When importing a Backup, it will over-write everything in the unit with what's in the backup file.

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