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When you go to Dashboard's address in a web browser the first time you will have to login. The log in is most likely part of your organization's administrative Active Directory, so use the credentials from your administrator to log in.

When you have logged in, you see a Dashboard view that is specific for your logged in user. If it looks different compared to a colleague it may be either because of different authorizations or different customizations.

If you have several distinct parts in your organization you may belong to different units. It is most often different parts of the organization that have restricted sharing and viewing policies. A unit represents for example a department, or legal unit. You can be asked to select a unit by using the arrow keys, typing in freetext and to filtrate among your units. This is an example of how the login view can look like if you have several units:

First time in a new unit - Under the hood for admins

If you are the first one who log in to a new unit it may be so that Dashboard will appear empty and it will need a configuration.

More about new unit configuration.

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