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The publishing itself is made with the digital workflow in the functions and tabs referred to as List and Packages - in simple words this is collections of articles with specified outputs.

Dashboard is suitable for different kinds of overviews of planning as well as different types and levels of lists to follow the publishing workflow.

If you are looking for overviews of your organizations workflows you can set up that with dashboard.

Publishing with Lists and Packages

What is Lists and Packages?

Lists and Packages is a tool to make content ready for digital publishing. You sort the content in lists and the lists work as a publishing template.

Below you see an example with Article search + the list and packages app.

List (tab to the left), the list consist of the articles (i.e the content) you need to do the a package fรถr publishing.

Package (tab to the right), the package consist of features to do the publishing.

In Short: How to work with the list and packages

Create a list, give it a name and type and select the products that will be using it.The list can be created manually (by for example editors) or via a API. If you do it manually you drag articles to the list and save.

Create the Package in the Package tab. It will consist of the publishing information and articles and cover (use the list or drag articles). Build the cover article with the teaser in the top area. Cover is also an article and the teaser image gets to be the "selling" image for the published package in for example mobile app publishing or in a list of articles in webpublishing (see below with an example).

Under the hood - OC List Configuration

Config is described in the docs for the OC List Plugin here:

Overviews of Organization workflows

With a workspace that is set up with a layout of three or four columns and saved lists for searches on statuses and publishing channels you can create boards that gives great overview of the publishing workflows.

In each column you can perform a search for topic or author.

The config of this is just conducted in Dashboard workspace and application settings, given that you have the Article search plugin installed.

Here are two examples of Articles Search Dashboards:

Digital workflows

Under the hood - config of Article Search

Config example for the workspaces above:

  1. Add a workspace

  2. Select Layout with 4 columns

  3. Decide which profiles that should have the workspace included

  4. Add the Article Search plugin (must be configured) four times. One plugin in each column.

  5. Search for statuses and channels you want to include for each column (that fits your workflow)

  6. Save the searches for each column with the save-function in the three dots.

Configuration of the plugin itself is described in the linked section:

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