Search in Dashboard

Many Dashboard plugins utilize the same search method, something we call Suggest Search. Each application can be configured differently to suit the usage.

Search in general

The Suggest Search feature makes it possible to search within Free text as well as pre-defined metadata. This is configured by an administrator per plugin. This can be metadata such as Status or Authors.

You will also notice the built in suggestions using AND/OR for the various content.

Searching with dates

Suggest Search can also be configured for searching with dates. The type of dates will depend on the plugin, for example articles could be searched for by creation, update or publication date – images on date of import.

Saving searches

It is also possible to save searches. Saved searches are personal, and they are saved per workspace and per "column" if the same plugin is used many times in the same workspace.

All search in the Dashboard is not suggest search, some plugins use live filters instead (Publication Planner for example)

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