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What does [Strict field resolution and no field mapping...] error mean?

A common error when creating a stream is the following:
Strict field resolution and no field mapping can be found for the field with name [XXX]
The error is returned if the supplied query includes a field (in this case named XXX) that does not exist in the ElasticSearch index where the query is to be stored.
So, why does it not exist in the database? Well, that is because the fields in the ElasticSearch index is created on the fly when they first appear in property in a document notified by OC.
The reason for the error is one of the following:
  • The spelling of the field in the query is wrong. It does not match the property name configured in OC. Solution: Fix the spelling
  • QS has never received a document from the OC Notifier that includes the property. The reason is one of the following:
    • The notifier is broken. Either its not runing correctly or the notification rule for QS is not present or invalid. Solution: Check that the notifier is started, runs and has a correctly configured notification rule of QS.
    • No document has ever been created in OC with a value in that specific property. Solution: Create (or update) a document so that the missing property is populated.
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