What is Naviga Dashboard?

Overview of Naviga Dashboard

Dashboard is a web application in your browser with all kinds of services and apps needed when you work with professional publishing.

In the image above you see listed articles (1), an authoring area (2), icon to select different dashboard workspaces and applications (3), available profiles (4), settings (5) and admin area for apps in Dashboard (6).

  • Home for content creation tools.

  • Applications for planning, creating and publishing content.

  • Administration tools for metadata.

  • The Dashboard applications are developed by Naviga and new versions are continuously released.

Your workspace the way you want it

You know what you require for your organization's needs. Dashboard is built to give you the opportunity to make it fit the needs for your publishing organization. It is an extendable platform with an application architecture, where plugins developed by you or other third party developers can be added.

The Dashboard applications are developed as plugins. The capacity of a plugin is often multifunctional. They are most often capable of doing a lot more than you expect.

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