Adding and Configure Dashboard Plugins

All the config details are found in each Plugin's documentation.

Installation of plugins

For each plugin (like Publication Planner or Concept Admin), you need to:

  1. Install plugin

  2. Go to settings: Create or import configuration for each plugin

  3. Go to mappings to map the functions to the mandatory plugins

  4. Go to permissions for the applications and set these where needed

  5. Activate each plugin separately

It's also very important to check the GitBook for each plugin, since there are dependencies to various plugins for some plugins to work properly. This page is a very generic "how to" page, not going into the specifics of each plugin.

Configuration of plugins

Plugins come with a standard configuration on installation. If you already have a unit setup, you are also able to export configurations from that unit to then import – the need for changes when importing configuration will depend on your setup!

Import and export

  • To export configuration: Open up settings/configuration for each plugin. Scroll down and choose “Export”, set a password if you want to - it’s a good idea to export all configuration for all your plugins before you start to install and activate your plugins for another unit

  • To import: Open up settings/configuration for each plugin (requires installation first). Scroll down and choose “Import”

Be aware that installing a plugin will by default take the latest available version. To be sure that you install the same version as for other units, install the plugin using a link instead.

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