Dashboard and SAAS

Software as a Service

Dashboard runs as a SAAS-solution, which means that it is a Software as a Service-model.

This has implications for the upgrades of the Dashboard as everybody runs the same version of Dashboard. The upgrades are announced to admins in advance that we are preparing a new release of Naviga Dashboard in production.

The Dashboard release candidate version usually has has been running in stage for a long time already for all the testing that is done prior release.

We give you the opportunity to test this in your production environment. As part of the upgrade procedure, you are able to try and use the release candidate version in a parallel Dashboard environment, using your production applications, content backend, Writer and presentation layers. The idea is for you to test everything without doing any other changes to make sure that everything will work after a production upgrade.

Release of the plugins are separate events of the Dashboard upgrades that needs to be curated by the administrator, see the section Update Dashboard plugin. You can find the changelog of each plugin in Gitbooks different plugin's documentations.

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