Development of plugins 🧩

Dashboard has an open technology where plugins make up the environment with features in dashboard. Below you find the documentation on how to create plugins to Dashboard. To create a plugin, you need to develope several parts to get a complete plugin. What you see in your Dashboard window on your desktop is most often just the app-part of the plugin but there other parts to make it a functional plugin.

A plugin can in short be described as a built up by several pieces:

  1. The mid part symbolizes the Plugin it self.

  2. The piece to the left is the Application that gives View and Presentation you see in Dashboard browser window.

  3. Piece that manage plugin Health and display and report health parameters.

  4. Agent that manage the Data and communication layer.

  5. On top there is a widget piece which makes enrichments to the plugin possible.

Want to just dive deeper into the anatomy of a plugin -> which is the first part in the book about plugin development.

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