Working in Dashboard

Dashboard is packed with information - learn the keys and see all the useful information

What do I see in Dashboard?

A news item = Article

The cards give you a lot of information: Lifetime, News value, Publication Channels, Scheduled Publication, 4 images. In the bottom of the card you see Section (entertainment) and Category (News) and Author.

If values are missing you see that as well.

The colors of the cards indicates the status of the article.

Several items = A list

If you see several items that is articles in a list. Lists can be a result of a search. It can also be part of a calendar-view. So you will get used to if it is something that you want to use for your own searches or if it's a pre formatted list for you to use as it is.

The third form of lists are the one that are used in the publish-features of list and packages. That type of list are used for publishing. You publish articles by drag and drop on the list for a certain type of publishing.

The UI (user interface) is configurable, so the Dashboard may look different in you environment.

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