Authoring and Create Content

Create Content


This is how it can look when Naviga Writer is embeded in Dashboard. Together with the Writer you see a smart list of articles to the left.

Writing and creating content

Dashboard and Writer

Naviga Writer runs as tandem partner in Dashboard and when you use Writer in Dashboard you get more features to connect to your authoring.

  1. Writer gets a browser shell

  2. An article gets visible in lists and previews.

  3. Content created in Writer can get included in workflows that are visible in Dashboard.

  4. Articles can be used in digital and print channels within the same environment.

  5. User experience for planning, authoring and publishing gets a common feature ground to stand on.

Writer user guide

All the basic functionalities that are included is described in User Guide in the docs for Naviga Writer. Please, click the link below to get to Naviga Writer docs.

Under the Hood: config of Writer embed in Dashboard

The embed-config of Writer in Dashboard is described in the plugin docu for Dashboard Writer.

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