Finding the content

Search for articles

Search for articles in a live list

Article Search, is a search for articles in a list and you often use it in combo with Naviga Writer or with the planning tools. The search is live and updates when new events happens to any of the articles in the search. Your search is "saved", so it will stay if you reload the web browser. ( In Dashboard you also have some other types of "list" , where the search may not stay when you reload)

When you search you get suggestion as you write. In the suggestion you will also see in which suggest field the search word is used. That means: you can search for the word for example in "Author", in "Freetext", in a "Headline" or as a "Status" (this was only examples). The suggest fields are configured in your setup and have dependendies to your backend settings in Open Content.

Under the Hood - config of Article Search

The configuration of this plugin, its versions and dependencies are described in the the plugin documentation for Article Search.

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