Content Planning


Dashboard gives you several planning tools.

The latest planning tool is the Newsroom Planner. Newsroom Planner is an editorial planning tool for the Newsroom, covering calendar events, planning of jobs as well as assignments to your staff.

The other major planning tool is Publication Planner, which have been around for several years. Publication Planner gives a time slot calender that is both a visible tool and a drag and drop tool for publishing slots.

Newsroom planner

Newsroom Planner is covering the Newsroom activities with Calender events, Plannings Cards and Assignments.

Examples of the Newsroom Planer view:

Please, visit the Newsroom Planner docs to get to the User Guide. The configuration of this plugin, its versions and dependencies are described in the Newsroom Planner docs. Follow the link below to the full guide.

Publication planner

Publication planner is a helper for planning and publishing with day-parting of the content. In the workspace view below, Publication planner is the part to the right with a "calendar" view of one day. The articles (cards) you see there are the ones that are planned to be published in those time slots.

The card's information are configured to show the information you have a need for.

The article's card is placed in a "publishing slot" either by drag and drop to the list or by setting a scheduled publication time in Writer.

Under the Hood - config of Publication Planner

The configuration of Publication Planner, its versions and dependencies are described in the Newsroom Planner documentation.

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