Wire dashboard

User guide and setup information for the Wire Dashboard


The Wire Dashboard is a Dashboard plugin created by Newscycle to enable users to search incoming content from news agencies.

The Wire Dashboard connects to external services such as The Associated Press via the external service's API. This allows users to quickly search the external service's content and choose the items to be stored in the user's local Open Content repository for publishing and/or research.

The Wire Dashboard's functionality may vary slightly depending on the functions available in the external service's API. The general functionality is described below for a user accessing content from The Associated Press.


To access the Wire Dashboard, click the icon that corresponds to your Wire Dashboard workspace.

NOTE: The appearance of the Wire Dashboard icon may be customized in your system.

To execute a simple search, type your search term into the "Search stories" form. Hit the RETURN key to execute the search.

NOTE: Typing an asterisk in the search form will return the all of the latest stories, with the newest stories shown first.

The search results will be returned in the results panel on the left side of the screen.

To preview a story and its linked assets, click on its card in the results panel.

With a story selected in the results panel, the contents of the story will be viewable in the preview panel. The date and time of the story's release and its metadata are shown at the top of the panel. The story's headline, text, and linked images may be read beneath the metadata.

To further filter your search results, click the down-arrow to the right of the search form. This will reveal additional filter options.

Clicking Search will execute the filtered search. Clicking Reset will clear the filters.

NOTE: The additional filters will be persistent for future searches until they are cleared. To clear the additional filters. Click the down-arrow and click Reset.

To cancel a search, simply refresh your browser. The search will be canceled and you will be returned to the search screen.

Importing content

The Wire Dashboard offers several options for importing content into your Open Content repository. You may import the story, its metadata and all of its linked assets by clicking the Import button.

After a successful import, the story may be found in an Articles list in the Dashboard and edited as any other story.

Additional import options

The Import button's submenu offers additional options. Click the submenu to reveal:

Import text only imports the story's text and metadata but does not import linked images. This option is useful when a story has many linked images but you prefer to choose images individually from another source.

Import without metadata imports the story's text and linked assets but does not import the metadata generated by the wire service. Use this option if you prefer to manually add metadata from your publication's defined Concepts.

Import and open will import the story, its metadata and linked images and open the story for editing in the Digital Writer.

NOTE: The Import and Open option opens the story in the Digital Writer in a new tab, but will be blocked if you have pop-ups blocked in Chrome for your Dashboard site. To use this option, be sure you have enabled pop-ups in Chrome for Dashboard.

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