Article Search is an application for searching articles, often used in workspaces next to other applications or with several Article Search applications to create a workflow workspace.

Article Search gives you the possibility to create a variety of workspaces combined with different applications from Naviga. Article Search can be configured to have different default searches each time it is used in a workspace.

  • Article Search with Naviga Writer: search and open articles

  • Article Search with Publication Planner: search and plan articles with drag and drop

  • Article Search with other Article Search: one application for each status you want to display (Draft, Published, Cancelled etc)

At the top of Article Search is the actual search bar, something we at Naviga call "Suggest Search". This search bar can be configured to display suggestions in a specified order and number. When the user writes something in the field, he/she will get suggestions based on what is written. Common suggestions are authors, sections, channels, statuses and headlines to mention a few. You can combine these to narrow down the search. The user can also save these searches as personal saved searches.

There are also possibilities to search for articles based on dates (published/created).