Concept Admin helps you to administrate metadata, for example Channels, Authors, Categories, Tags and geographical Locations.

Concept Admin features

Below you see a list of features that is included in Concept Admin. This is basically what you see in the Concept Admin view.

  • Browse and search for Concepts

  • Sort Concept alphabetically and chronologically

  • Filter by Concept type as Category and Author

  • Search for any kind of Concept on the concept metadata via Search / Suggest

  • Searching for any kind of Concept on free text via Search / Suggest

  • Save Searches

  • Going back and forth in the hierarchical structure around a Concept directly from the list

  • See info about the concept

  • Edit concept

    • Change parent and child relation

    • Delete concept

    • Edit metadata of the Concept

    • Compare and Replace two Concepts

    • Change the status of a Concept

  • Upload an avatar

  • Import and export geodata

  • View, draw and edit (basic) geo-polygons

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