Configured with a Writer endpoint

  • in your Dashboard go to > plugins > Writer > settings.

  • and add Writer endpoint url, example:

  • and then click save.


Writer plugin require mappings for:

  • Image Content Provider: in order to handle images for article preview

  • Content Agent: in order to fetch/write with CCA

  • Status Map: in order to set statuses on copied articles

In your Dashboard go to plugins > Writer > settings > mappings

Activate Writer-Tabs

  • in your Dashboard after you have installed Writer Plugin go to > Dashboard menu > Application settings

  • in Writer Plugin settings, click on writer tabs switch button.

  • and then click save, to save the changes.

Choose Tab title value

Now you can choose between Article's headline and Article's name to be as a Tab title when you have your Tabs active

  • in your Dashboard after you have installed Writer Plugin go to > Store > Writer plugin.

  • Click on settings button.

  • You will See at the bottom of the Settings section two options that you can select from

  • Select your option and click on save

Update Dashboard plugin in Writer

To test the new Dashboard integration plugin in your Writer:

  • Go to your Writer endpoint.

  • Go to your settings by pressing CMD + shift + Y in Mac or Ctrl + shift + Y in Windows.

  • Find and remove the old plugin with name: dashboardintegration.

  • Add a new plugin with the following settings:

    • Id: io.infomaker.dashboard

    • Name: dw-plugin-dashboard

    • Plugin src url:


    • Plugin css url:{PLUGIN_VERSION}/style.css

  • Then enable the new plugin by activate the enable switch button.

See Dashboard plugin configuration

See Dashboard plugin versions