v3 => v4


Dashboard Integration plugin in the Writer needs to be upgraded to at least version 3.0.0



Since the addition of functionality to be able to preview articles through the writer plugin it now also requires a mapping towards ICP. The required mapping is the following:


In version 4.0 we decided to remove the internal Widget housing the functionality to create an article (the airplane icon in the top menu). This due to the more generic Action Widget plugin solving the same problem. To yet again allow for creation of articles from the Widget bar you should follow these simple steps.

First install Action Widget plugin if you don't already have it installed. This could be found under the Available Plugins tab.

When this is done, activate the plugin and head into its configuration.

Click on "Add new action" to start the addition of a new action

Add a label explaining what the action will do

In the dropdown select the action "Create new article in Writer application/modal or in a new tab".

Save your newly created action

It will now be available through the "+" widget button