First section of the settings cover integrations with Writer, Open Content and update services:

Debug mode - see errors and messages logged in the web browser console (developer helper).

Display copy article in the menu - for the Copy Articles feature, go to the documentation of the Writer plugin:

Display preview article in the menu - toggle to get a preview option in the menu at each card (see Open preview). In version 5.0.0 we added support to preview an article by utilising the Writer Instance. In order to access the menu option on the cards you'll need to turn it on in settings.

Display Suggest Search - toggle to enable Suggest Search in top bar.

Suggest search config (JSON) - here is the configuration that sets on what suggest fields to use and how they should be translated. The suggestions will then be appended to the query.

Display filter in columns - toggle to display filter in each slot.

Minimal column width - sets the minimum column width.

Use SaaS Endpoints for Writer requests - toggle to get the fields for Writer resolver url and Writer router url see Writer 7 and later.

Writer Publishflow bundle id - the id for the bundle used by Naviga Writer.

Writer Externalupdate bundle id - the id for the bundle used by Naviga Writer.

OpenContent ContentProvider - the name to the content provider

QueryStreamer ContentProvider - the name to the query streamer.

Publication Planner Config (JSON) - There are several things to check in the config and that you can choose to include in the set up. See the config guide for more help and a full json config example here. To configure several workspaces with different configurations see the example Week and Day view.

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