Add articles to the planner

As soon as an article has a publication date it will be visible in Publication Planner on the date when it will be published. As you probably know, you can set a scheduled publication date/time when you create an article or later, if you do not know it when it is created.

Drag and drop to set a new publication date/time.

If an article has no date you can easily give this article a publication date by drag it from Article search in to the slot where you want it. To be able to use this function you need permission for this action. So if nothing happens when you try to do the action below, you miss this permission.

You see the publication time on the articles that already are planned, and you can drop your article between two planned article, and your new article will get the time that the article above the drop has.

You can also change publication date/time by drag and drop the article between the slots.