Naviga Writer

Authoring as the top task

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Naviga Writer is an authoring tool used by journalists, photographers and editors in news departments at an increasing number of locations in Europe and the US.

Naviga Writer's main purpose is to provide a modern, flexible, easy-to-use content creation tool. It provides a full web-based authoring environment, which can be extended with several components for many kinds of enrichments. Images, Image Galleries, Tables, Fact boxes, YouTube videos, Instagram, Twitter or links with HTML code are added just with a few clicks. Metadata is added either automatically or as part of the journalist's work with the content.

Naviga Writer has a deep focus on

  • a workflow approach where you create content first

  • being channel agnostic — write for digital or print publishing

  • the thought that it’s all about writing great content, enrichment and metadata

The authoring area, where you write and create content, is built by a number of plugins. There are several special plugins developed by third parties that give unique possibilities to work with image, video and wire vendors. If there is a service Naviga doesn’t support in the Writer. It could be worth checking out if iFramely might support it already.

Metadata is king

Almost as important as the content itself is the metadata of the article. In a world controlled by algorithms, an article without metadata is almost invisible.

The Digital Writer has a number of adjustable fields for metadata so that you can classify your content the way you want; for example, by categories, person, organisation, location, event or product.

The metadata used for publishing is easy to add. Just type to search, and click to select.

Meta data can also be added by an integrated AI-service like the Google Natural Language API.

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