06–08/2021 Release update
The latest release update from the Naviga Content Creation team.

Dashboard Applications

The main focus this time has been minor adjustments, improvements and stabilising applications.
Main change
Print Overview Newspilot 5 integration plugin
Allows Newspilot 5 users to preview pages from Newspilot in a Dashboard application
Naviga Photos
2.1.1 2.1.2
Fixes issue where "infinite scroll" sometimes stopped working
Content Agent
Optional config to prevent sending groups with all queries for OC requests.
Concept Admin
Issue with Google Maps integration crashing in edit mode while run in Dashboard 5.0
Writer integration
Updated tab design.
Characters count in Preview with "inline notes"
Newsroom Planner
Ability to link Articles from My Assignment's cards. Ability to collapse all Planning cards at once in "My Assignment"
Naviga Wire
Support to configure default import settings
OC List
Added possibility to easily remove list items (all or per type)

Dashboard Core

Dashboard 5.0.0 was released and deployed in all regions in June. Full release notes here.
The main initiatives of Dashboard 5 have been working on our backend and how the Dashboard is deployed and also upgraded. Some user facing changes:
  • Better possibility to handle localisations and language support in plugins and applications (requires applications to be translated and released to support this)
  • Zero downtime upgrades of Dashboard core: when Naviga upgrades, it will always be done using a separate installation and when the environment is ready users will get access to the new environment
  • Clear visibility of environment (stage/prod sidebar has its own colour)
  • Multiple improvements with so called "confirm on leave", with unsaved changes we now handle better if user hits "back" or change workspace/unit etc

Upcoming Production Release

Please note, that we have also released a new Minor version of Dashboard, version 5.1, in Stage. The most notable change are for administrators who work with workspace management – adding applications to workspaces have now been moved from the actual workspace to the Application Settings in the Dashboard menu. Other changes are "under the hood" changes needed for upcoming development initiatives.

Writer Core

Writer 7.2.0 release:

  • Always preserve annotations when copy/cut and pasting text
  • Fixed selection not selecting a newly created block node (image, contentpart, etc)
  • Fixed issue where teaser could sometimes be placed inside normal content
  • Fixed issue where contentMeta links could not be found when a teaser with an image was present in the article
  • Fixed issue where triple clicking or quickly changing selection would close the annotations menu

Writer 6 hot fixes

  • Hot fix Writer 6.5.8: Maintenance release which includes lambda upgrades.
  • Hot fix Writer 6.5.9: Images with multiple identical bylines should not crash the writer.
  • Hot fix Writer 6.5.10: Fixes bug where error message would not properly display when trying to save an article which had been updated externally.

Writer plugins

As a general rule, changes to Writer plugins require Writer Core version 7 or later. Hot fixes are sometimes made available in the Writer 6 track.
Check each plugin dependency for more information before upgrading plugins.

Released Writer plugins:

The main focus this time has been minor adjustments, improvements and stabilising plugins and supporting new core versions.
Main change
External Update
Major release which includes improved Infocaster subscription/broadcast handling and support for both read token and write token.
NCS Content
Fix problem with Session storage won’t be preserved and causing weird behaviour when for example try to login with wrong credentials.
Image plugin
2.6.1 / 2.5.2
Display generic errors when dropping/pasting broken image urls
Image Gallery
Fixed image drop zone presentation on smaller screen
User Byline
Add option to ignore email domain in search in OC
Hotfix release which fixes infocaster broadcast event being sent to the created publisher copy instead the original digital article.
Dashboard Integration
Handle references in postMessage on document changed
Article Size
Fixed issue where article size popover would not update after external update and issue where rule with character set to single number was always flagged as overset, even when character count matched
Character Transformation
This version introduces internal Smart Quote handling.
Content Part
Fixed image drop zone presentation on smaller screen
Concept Publication Channel
Fixed infinite loading state when no publication channels are found
Fixed issue where teaser could sometimes be placed inside normal content
Newspilot Job
Fixed login information not being preserved between articles