Customer S3 replication setup
Describes how to set up replication rules to our CCA-Importer S3 buckets, dev,stage and prod.

1 - Create an IAM Role

Create an IAM role with name [example-org]-publisher-replication that S3 can assume. The images below tries to guide how to do this.
Note: the NavigaID organisation name is given to you by Naviga.
Make sure to fill in Trusted entity type and Use case as in figure 1.
Select trusted entity
In the next step "Add permissions" click "next"
Name, review, and create
Add the role name [example-org]-publisher-replication.
Press button "Create role"
Name, review, and create

2 - Open the created role and copy the arn for the role

How to copy the arn for created role

3 - Send the copied arn to your Naviga contact

The copied arn for the created role should be sent to your Naviga contact.
Naviga will setup the necessary permissions to the destination buckets. When this is done the replication rules can be added tou your bucket.
When Naviga has adde the arn to the buckets continue with setps below.

4 - Create replication rule

Open the management settings for the bucket and press "create replication rule"
enable bucket versioning if needed give the rule a name
add prefix which should be your naviga-id organisation name followed by slash (/)
Set destination specify bucket in another account set account id and bucket name check Change object ownership to destination bucket owner
Iam role Choose from existing IAM roles select the previously created iam role
Two replication rules needs to created one for prod and another for stage

prod :

Account ID : 821876319861
Bucket name: wireingest-filearea-f1uem03ipxzd


Account ID : 161383246049
Bucket name: wireingest-filearea-1x1v8ekfnrc4z
The following images shows how to do this in AWS console.