NCS Content Plugin for Naviga Writer user guide

Version 1.6.1 | March 15, 2021


The NCS Content Plugin for Naviga Writer provides access to create stories in Naviga Writer for print publication using NCS Content.

Use the NCS Content plugin to create a copy of a story for print publication. This print copy is independently editable, allowing you to prepare a story for print publication without affecting the story's digital presentation.

This document covers the steps to create a version of a story for NCS Content, and will describe several use cases.

This document assumes:

  • Basic knowledge of Naviga Writer and NCS Content

  • A properly configured Naviga Writer installation

  • The NCS Content plug-in for Naviga Writer properly installed and configured

  • InDesign Server running in the Naviga Content environment, with the NCS Content plug-ins installed.

  • The NCS Raptor robot running in the NCS Content environment.

  • A properly configured Editorial Web Service 6.0 installation.

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