What is Newsroom Planner?

Newsroom Planner is an editorial planning tool for the Newsroom, covering calendar events, planning of jobs as well as assignments to your staff. It's an integrated part of the Creation Tools.


You have three different types of planning in Newsroom Planner.

  1. Events. Let your teams manage, browser and search events, like press conferences, football games, concerts or other events. A calendar event covers all info you need about the event, like date and time, description, links, images, category and other tagging.

  2. Plans. It's about story planning. When you decide to cover an event, you need an easy way to create, browse and filter your stories. A plan is like a folder for your content, with meta data, links and other info you need.

  3. Assignments. Is a part of a planning , and is used to tell who is doing what and when. It's about resource planning.

These three components are interconnected. At an event you add a plan, on a plan you add assignments. Further on in this manual, this will become clearer. (If you do not want to add a plan to an event you do not have to, but an assignment always needs a connection to a plan.)

This manual is done with a standard setup. It is possible to configure Newsroom Planner which means that your application can vary to some extent.