Naviga Writer

Naviga Writer is an authoring tool. It is used by journalists, photographers and editors at publishers in Europe and the US. Its main purpose is to provide a modern, flexible, intuitive content creation tool for writers of all kinds. It provides a full web-based authoring environment, which can be extended with several components for enrichment. Images, galleries, tables, fact boxes, YouTube videos, Instagram posts, Twitter posts or links with HTML-code may be added just with a few clicks. Metadata is added either automatically or as part of the journalist's work with the content.

Naviga Writer has a deep focus on:

  • a workflow approach where you create content first

  • being channel-agnostic, you can write for digital or print publishing

  • writing great content, simple enrichment and metadata

The authoring area where you write and create content is built by a number of plugins. There are several special plugins developed by third parties that give unique possibilities to work with image, video and wire vendors. If there is a service Naviga doesn’t support in the Writer. It could be worth checking out if iFramely might support it already.

Learn more in these sections:


    • General things and info about releases.


    • Everything about Writer for the user.


    • Basics for Writer environment administration.


    • Everything for developing Writer things.


    • What you need for integrations with the Writer.