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Naviga Writer is an authoring tool for journalistic work. It is used by journalists to create content.
Naviga Writer is an intuitive tool. It is often compared to social media writing and the learning time is very short. It is simply easy to learn. Creating, enriching and publishing your content is done in the same place. You can work with several keyboard shortcuts to get to the different functions and to the tabs in the working area.
Several languages are supported and there is spellcheck and suggested spelling.

Enrichment - more content to the writing process

In the Naviga Writer you can easily embed tweet, instagram pictures, Facebook posts or LinkedIn posts by drag-and-drop functionality or by pasting its url. Create teasers for your article, fully adopted to the web, apps or social media. Images, Image Galleries, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, links, Facebook, Tables, Fact boxes and summaries, PDF's, HTML-code is easy to add to the articles. There are several really specific tools developed to give access to wire news, image providers archives and video providers.
Example of Youtube embedded in the writing area.
Example of content part in the authoring area.


As a user you drag-and-drop images to your article, the Writer takes care of the rest. As a standard the image is being uploaded and stored in the cloud. The meta-data will be extracted and an image preview is being created. With help from predefined soft-crops an imagecrop are automatically created without any involvement from the user. But of course you can adjust the image manually.
Example of image added to article


Metadata is added either automatically or as part of the journalist's work with the content.


The Naviga Writer is nothing without its plugins. Almost all functions are plugins that are configurable to fit the needs that you have or, will have in the future. That means that the writer environment can evolve with your writing needs.