Writer User Guide
When you are presented with the Writer tool for the first time, you will immediately see that it is a place to work with content. The first thing you do is probably some kind of login to the system. After that your name will be presented as the Author of the article.
The Writing area is empty when you start with a new article, and you can simply start writing. To help you understand the basic features, the functionality is described in this user guide.
If you get a message when you are starting, saying: "We could not find an author matching current user account. We need this to automatically set your byline." Don't worry, that may mean that you have logged in with other credentials than your Byline were configured with. You can in most cases ignore that at the moment by pressing later. Check credentials and Byline name with your administrator.
If your user is about to be connected to the author byline. Press the selected .area.
Below you see the four different parts that is good to know about, and this user guide will also be divided in these parts. The appearance of this view is very variable. The user guide provides a general description of the features, but they may look different in your environment.
  1. 1.
    Top bar
  2. 2.
    Content area for the article
  3. 3.
    Right sidebar with different tabs where you for example find metadata, image search, related article search.
  4. 4.
    Bottom bar with information about the article
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